The Atlas of Diabolical Dinosaurs: I was commissioned by Nextquisite to illustrate this children's book.

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Go back 250 million years to the dawn of the Triassic. See where dinosaurs began and how they spread as the continents shifted and split. Discover the world’s fossil-rich areas and brand new species.

* Based on the latest research & fossil finds for a completely up-to-date panorama of dinosaurs in the Mesozoic world.
* Continent by continent, kids can see where the dinosaurs really roamed.
* Includes a large poster attached to the back cover.
* Checked by academic advisor Dr Dora Martins.

48 pages + ends; 280 x 280 mm (11 x 11 in); Hardcover, matt lam, spot UV + embossing; Words: Approx. 10,000 Ages 7+